RAM Motorcycle M8 Handlebar Clamp Bolt Kit 1" Ball


The RAM-B-186U-A consists of a 1" diameter rubber ball, SHORT double socket arm and hardware for mounting to triple clamps that use a M8 bolt. The mounting hardware includes three different length bolts to suit most installations.

Your motorcycle rides on rubber tires for grip and to soften the ride. Why should it be any different for your mounted electronics? With the patented RAM Mounts rubber ball and socket technology, the turn of a single knob grips the adjustment arm to a rubber ball designed to dampen shock and vibration.

With RAM Mounts products, it's all grip and no slip plus protection for your valuable electronics. Simply place our easy to install ball base onto the motorcycle handlebar top clamp and you're done. After that, a world of mounting possibilities just opened up.

Included in this kit:
•    1 x M8 x 55mm bolt (1.25 thread pitch)
•    1 x M8 x 60mm bolt (1.25 thread pitch)
•    1 x M8 x 65mm bolt (1.25 thread pitch)

Attachment Point:
Motorcycle handlebar top clamp on any bike that uses an M8 threaded bolt.

Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminium

Ball Size:
1" Rubber Ball "B" Size

To determine if these bolts are compatible with your motorcycle measure the original bolt from the motorcycle and add 30mm to the length. If it matches one of the 55, 60, or 65 mm length, then you can use the appropriate bolt supplied with the mount. If it does not match, you may be able to source the correct length of bolt locally from a fastener supplier.