Garmin zumo XT2 Protection Kit

SKU: TEQ070-071

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Protect your valuable Garmin zumo XT2 GPS with our 2-piece protection pack that includes our durable rubber zumoBUMPER for the perimeter of the device and a snap-fit zumoCOVER for the motorcycle mount cradle.

The zumoBUMPER is an injection moulded rubber bumper that attaches to the perimeter of your Garmin zumo XT2 series GPS navigator and provides increased impact protection. The flexible material allows for the bumper to be easily fitted and removed as required. The zumoBUMPER XT2 allows for full access to the USB-C and micro SD Card ports on the rear of the GPS.

The cover that ships with the zumo XT2 motorcycle cable only protects the electrical contacts on the motorcycle cradles. The zumoCOVER solves this problem by covering the whole cradle when the GPS is not fitted. This is not only better aesthetically but it also helps to prevent the build up of dirt and other foreign matter on the cradle mount surface.

The zumoCOVER is made from hard rubber so it has some flexibility to make it easy to install and remove. The cable loop and stay is similar in design to the Genuine Garmin plastic contact cover allowing it to be stowed securely when not in use. The retainer can also be cut off discreetly without affecting the main cover.

Device Compatibility:
• zumo XT2