zumoLOCK Garmin zumo XT & XT2 GPS Locking Plate


zumoLOCK Garmin zumo XT & XT2 GPS Locking Plate - zumoLOCK XT is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

zumoLOCK is the anti-theft solution for your valuable Garmin zumo XT GPS navigator. Protect your zumo when parking for a short stop and prevent the accidental pressing of the cradle release button whilst riding.

The zumoLOCK is manufactured using stainless steel plate that is powder-coated black to match the Garmin zumo cradle. It includes an integrated key cylinder cover and two keys. When engaged, the lock prevents the cradle release button from being pressed. To remove the GPS, simply unlock the zumoLOCK and the cradle release button can now move.

The zumoLOCK is low profile and works with the RAM Mount hardware that is included with the Garmin zumo navigators. No additional hardware is required for installation. The plate is 2mm thick allowing the original bolts to secure the zumoLOCK in place.

It works equally well with our range of custom GPS mounts, sitting perfectly on the machined GPS plate.

Installation is easy. Simply secure the zumoLOCK between the zumo cradle and your preferred mounting solution.

Device Compatibility:
• Garmin zumo XT
• Garmin zumo XT2

If you are using RAM Mount hardware to mount your zumo, consider replacing the double socket arm knob with a genuine RAM Mount PIN Lock or Key Lock Knob to prevent the hardware from being removed.

Please note:
No security device can guarantee full protection against theft and your GPS navigator should be removed when parking for long periods of time and when your motorcycle is out of view for an extended period.

A thief's biggest issue is time. The longer a job is going to take, the sooner they will move along to another target. This is where zumoLOCK helps. However, if someone really wants your zumo, then nothing will deter them, even if it means damaging your bike. The zumoLOCK is meant to prevent casual theft during a short stop. If you're going to be away from your bike for an extended period of time, for example, overnight or during a day's work, then be sensible and always remove your zumo from the mount and take it with you.