zumoCOVER Garmin zumo XT & XT2 Motorcycle Mount Cover


The cover that ships with the zumo XT & zumo XT2 motorcycle cables only protects the electrical contacts on the motorcycle cradles. The zumoCOVER solves this problem by covering the whole cradle when the GPS is not fitted. This is not only better aesthetically but it also helps to prevent the build up of dirt and other foreign matter on the cradle mount surface. 

The zumoCOVER is made from hard rubber so it has some flexibility to make it easy to install and remove. The cable loop and stay is similar in design to the Genuine Garmin plastic contact cover allowing it to be stowed securely when not in use. The retainer can also be cut off discreetly without affecting the main cover. 

The zumoCOVER is compatible with the zumoLOCK XT GPS lock and all of the mounting solutions we carry in store from BikePenR, RAM Mounts and Ultimateaddons.

The zumoCOVER suits both the zumo XT and zumo XT2 navigator cradles.