RAM Tough-Strap 22-35mm Handlebar Base 1" Ball


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The RAM Tough-Strap is lowest profile rugged mounting solution for any bike or motorcycle handlebars. The RAM Tough-Strap can be easily installed on any mountain bike, road bike or e-bike using the two different size straps and with a simple twist of a knob. 

This RAM Tough-Strap Handlebar Mount includes a B size ball base so you can attach any RAM B size socket arm and your desired device holder to complete your solution. 

The long strap is used for bar diameters ranging from 32-35mm (1.25"-1.38") while the short strap is used for diameters ranging from 22-25mm (0.875"-1"). 

Utilize the extra rubber strip to cut down to the diameter range of 25-32mm (1"-1.125") for a more custom fit. Take the RAM Tough-Strap on your next adventure on and off the road.

Clamping Dimensions:
Short Strap: 22mm to 25mm (0.875” – 1”)
Long Strap: 32mm to 35mm (1.25” – 1.38”)

High Strength Composite

Ball Size:
1” Rubber Ball “B” Size