RAM Double Socket Arm with Single Diamond Plate 1" Ball

SKU: RAM-B-103-A-238U

The RAM-B-103-238 consists of a diamond base and a double socket arm that will accept 1" ball bases. The diamond base measures 62mm x 33mm (2.43" x 1.31") and has two holes 48.5mm (1.912") from centre to centre which match the industry standard AMPS hole pattern. 

Designed into the mount is a 1" diameter patented rubber ball and socket system with adjustment points at both ends of the socket arm. With a twist of the knob on the double socket arm, the mount can be oriented to your optimum viewing position.


 Short Arm Overall Arm Length: 60mm (2.42")
Socket-To-Socket Arm Length: 44.5mm (1.75")
Medium Arm Overall Arm Length: 95mm (3.73")
Socket-To-Socket Arm Length: 76mm (3")
Long Arm Overall Arm Length: 152mm (6")
Socket-To-Socket Arm Length: 135mm (5.31")


Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminium

Ball Size:
1" Rubber Ball "B" Size