MotoPumps Garmin zumo XT & XT2 Aluminium Mount Cover


The MotoPumps Garmin zumo XT & XT2 mount cover looks great, is lightweight, strong and protects your Garmin zumo XT & XT2 motorcycle mount from dust and dirt when the GPS is not fitted.

Tired of the fiddly little rubber plug that Garmin supplies with the zumo XT/ XT2 mount? Not only doesn't it fit well but it’s not easy to get it to stay in place and tends to always fall out and slips down the power cord when riding without the GPS fitted.

Here is a simple, elegant, durable and handsome solution. Made by MotoPumps in Upstate NY USA, this cover weighs 19 grams (.7 oz) and is made from billet aluminium which is then anodised black and laser etched with a topographical map design.

The cover snaps securely and positively into place and releases with the mount button , just like the GPS. If you have a MotoPumps Garmin zumo XT/XT2 Lock or Locking Mount installed, the cover fits securely to the bike, just like the GPS.

The MotoPumps Garmin zumo cover keeps moisture and dust out of the connectors on the mount and looks great while doing so!

Device Compatibility:
• Garmin zumo XT
• Garmin zumo XT2