UA 21-40mm Helix Handlebar Strap Mount


UA 21-40mm Helix Handlebar Strap Mount - Locking is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

This Ultimateaddons helix locking strap handlebar attachment is a combination of the Ultimateaddons locking strap and quick release attachment which has been designed to fit a wide range of Ultimateaddons 3-prong holders and cases. Unique, with an easy twist helix design, this enables the attachment to be hand tightened to give the perfect fit.

Choose from a low profile Locking Strap or the slightly taller Swivel Strap that provides additional ability to optimise the Tough Case position.

The Helix strap can fit various shaped handlebars or frames with a diameter between 21-40mm, allowing for it to be used on various shapes and surfaces.

The locking version is fitted with a rotatable, quick release plate with extra locking mechanism that gives users a greater option of where they can use this attachment as well as the extra security of their holder or case being locked to the attachment and a quick release button for safe and simple removal of the holder when leaving their motorcycle.

This attachment will allow you to connect any 3-prong Ultimateaddons device holder or case and safely mount your device while riding your motorcycle. 

• Easy twist helix strap installation ensuring the best fit possible
• Suits diameters between 21mm to 40mm
• Allows mounting to various odd shaped handlebars
• Compatible with all Ultimateaddons 3-prong holders and cases
• Rotates 360 degrees allowing landscape or portrait view of your device