Ultra Compact Imperial Handlebar Clamp GPS Mount S-R1i


The S-R1i handlebar clamp GPS mount is a universal fit design that will fit most American motorcycles with a full width handlebar and imperial bolts. It is the perfect solution for motorcycles that have a two bolt or four bolt handlebar clamp across the handlebars and is ideally suited to newer naked motorcycles with compact instrument displays.

The mount is centrally located between the handlebars and features full viewing angle adjustability to ensure the optimal GPS device screen positioning is achieved. Additionally, the GPS mount plate can accommodate GPS cradles in both a horizontal or vertical orientation making this mount ideal for GPS devices with a screen rotation function.

The S-R1i will mount across handlebar clamp bolts from a minimum width of 54mm between centres through to 145mm (the mounting lugs may need to be cut down for narrower installations) and includes imperial hardware to suit most American motorcycles. The mounting lugs can also be reversed to shift the position further away or closer to the instrument panel. There are also two height positions for the GPS mount plate allowing for a wide range of adjustment. The S-R1 mount is also ultra-light, with a weight of only 160g.

This mount is available in a Black Anodised or Chrome Anodised finish to suit your handlebar/triple clamp colour.

Please note:
The S-R1i comes with two long stainless steel mounting lugs. The rod portion of the mounting lugs will need to be cut using a hacksaw to suit narrower installations. This is a really simply process - measure the width between the centre of the two bolts across the triple clamp and divide it by two. This is the final length of the mounting lug required. Cut each mounting lug to this length and gently file the end to remove any burrs (if required). Insert the mounting lug into the mount body and tighten the assembly. Done!

Please contact us if you have any questions or are unsure if this mount suits your motorcycle.

Device Compatibility:
• Garmin zumo 210 & 220
• Garmin zumo 340, 350, 390, 395 & 396
• Garmin zumo 550, 590 & 595
• Garmin zumo 660 & 665
• Garmin zumo XT & XT2
• Garmin Montana with optional genuine Garmin AMPS Rugged Mount
• Garmin InReach SE+ & Explorer+ with genuine Garmin AMPS Powered Mount
• Garmin GPSMAP 66i with genuine Garmin AMPS Powered Mount
• TomTom Rider 2, 5, Pro, & Urban Rider
• TomTom Rider 400, 450 & 550
• BMW Navigator 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & Adventure
• Any GPS Device with an AMPS 4-hole pattern

Motorcycle Compatibility:
Harley Davidson Deluxe MY 2013+
Harley Davidson Fat Bob & 114 MY 2008+
Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic & 107 MY 2009+
Harley Davidson Low Rider MY 2016+
Harley Davidson Sport Glide MY 2018+
Harley Davidson Street Bob MY 2013-2017
Harley Davidson Super Glide Custom MY 2013-2015
Harley Davidson Switch Back MY 2013-2017
Harley Davidson Wide Glide MY 2010-2017

• Adjustable viewing angle
• Generous rubber mounts to absorb vibrations
• Stainless steel hardware for ultimate weather protection
• AMPS 4-hole pattern to suit most common GPS Devices

Included in the box:
• S-R1i mount & installation hardware
• Installation manual
• Stainless steel mounting hardware to suit most common GPS Device cradles

Download Manual