RAM Vibe-Safe Vibration Dampening Adapter


The RAM Vibe-Safe Vibration Dampening adapter is the perfect starting point for your custom device mounting solution. This component is designed to protect electronic devices from a wide range of vibration frequencies. The RAM Vibe-Safe is based on an NPT connection point and boasts the versatility to rotate between portrait and landscape while keeping your device secure in rugged environments.

This low-profile base is compatible with most 2-Hole RAM Holders, including the RAM Quick-Grip, Tough-Charge, Quick-Charge & Form-Fit Holders.

Overall Length = 86mm (3.38”)
Overall Width = 76mm (3")
Overall Depth = 34mm (1.36")

High Strength Composite

A reduction in vibration does not guarantee full protection of device. External immeasurable factors may cause damage to phones, cameras, and other devices while mounted in the RAM Vibe-Safe. National Products, Inc (the owner of RAM Mounts) does not assume responsibility or liability for any such personal injury, death or property damage. RAM Mounts lifetime warranty is limited to RAM mounts and components. The warranty does not include any device mounted or attached to a RAM mount, such as a phone, GPS, camera, computer or other device.