RAM Medium Arm M10-1.25 Left & Right Motorcycle Tough-Mirror Kit 1" Ball

SKU: RAM-B-349-465RL

The RAM-B-349-465RL consists of LEFT and RIGHT RAM Tough-Mirrors each connected to a 1” Ball with Medium Arms and M10-1.25 bases for attachment to most motorcycle mirror stem bases. This kit contains everything you need to install the RAM Tough-Mirrors to your motorcycle.

Whether you're cruising down the interstate or pushing limits on technical trails, you can trust the RAM Tough-Mirror to have your back. This kit features 100% genuine RAM components to guarantee a secure connection with your other mounts.

The large mirror offers the most visibility on the market and the housing is intentionally designed to be aerodynamic and cut through wind resistance. RAM Mounts components are rugged and made with aluminium, stainless steel and high-strength composite to withstand the most demanding environments. Easily upgrade your existing mirror setup with our universal mirror solution.

Socket to Socket Length - 76mm (3”)

Thread Pitch:
M10-1.25 Right Hand/Standard Thread

Marine Grade Aluminium & High Strength Composite

Ball Size:
B Size 1" Rubber Ball