UA 25mm Ball Socket to 4-Hole AMPS Adapter & Handlebar Clamp Bolt Kit


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This plate and handlebar bolt kit is the easiest way to mount any device that has a 4-hole AMPS mounting pattern to motorcycles that have a metric thread handlebar clamp bolt.

This is ideal for a compact installation of Garmin zumo or TomTom Rider motorcycle GPS devices on your bike. The 4-hole AMPS pattern also matches the genuine Garmin Montana and inReach AMPS cradles as well as a huge range of other manufacturers’ devices.

The 4-hole AMPS pattern dimensions are approximately 31mm x 38mm (1.188” x 1.496”). The holes are arranged in a rectangular pattern and has been adopted as an industry standard for mounting electronic devices.

The socket slots securely over 25mm (1 inch) balls and is compatible with 25mm ball mount systems from RAM Mount, SW-Motech and many more.

The kit is available in 3 bolt sizes - M6, M8, M10 and includes a 1" (25mm) ball mount. This mount is ideal for minimising clutter on handlebars and for locating devices closer to the centre of the triple clamp.

Each kit includes three different bolt lengths of 55mm, 60mm and 65mm to suit a wide range of metric motorcycles. The exposed thread length once the mount is fitted is 27mm, 32mm and 37mm respectively.

The bolts are stainless steel and the kit includes a rubber cap that fits in the socket head of the bolt to finish the installation. Unlike other handlebar clamp mounts, the stem finish is clean and suits applications where the aesthetic performance is just as important as the functional performance.

Ball Size:
• 25mm Ball Socket Size
• Compatible with RAM Mount “B” Size 1” Ball Mounts

Included in Package:
• 1 x Ultimate Addons 1" / 25mm Ball Socket to AMPS Adapter Plate
• 1 x Ultimate Addons 1" (25mm) Mount
• 4 x Screws (to attach to any AMPS 4 Hole layout mount)
• 1 x Stainless Steel 55mm Length Bolt
• 1 x Stainless Steel 60mm Length Bolt
• 1 x Stainless Steel 65mm Length Bolt
• 1 x Black Socket Head Cap