MotoPumps Garmin zumo XT & XT2 GPS Security Lock & Locking Knob


MotoPumps Garmin zumo XT & XT2 GPS Security Lock & Locking Knob - zumo XT & XT2 Lock is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The MotoPumps Garmin zumo XT & XT2 security lock installs between the powered cradle and your chosen GPS mount hardware attached to your motorcycle. The lock is thin enough that it allows you to re-use the original mounting hardware included with your GPS mount.

The security pin locks the GPS in place on the Garmin zumo XT & XT2 cradle by preventing the release button from being depressed. Installation takes a matter of minutes on any GPS mount compatible with the Garmin zumo XT & XT2.

A few quick turns of the 304 stainless steel security pin with its proprietary security key and you can lock or unlock your GPS. The billet 6061 aluminum plate is light, robust, corrosion resistant and unobtrusive. The MotoPumps zumo XT & XT2 security lock is perfect for our low profile super bike premium mounts and for fitment against flat surfaces such as instrument panels.

Device Compatibility:
• Garmin zumo XT
• Garmin zumo XT2

This bundle includes the option of including the genuine RAM Mount PIN or KEY lock knob hardware to help prevent the removal of the double socket arm. The PIN lock knob is a lower profile solution that only leaves the insert installed on the double socket arm. The lock knob is removed and can be stored elsewhere until required. The KEY lock knob is larger and heavier but more convenient in that it can be unlocked and locked with the provided key.

Please note:
No security device can guarantee full protection against theft and your GPS navigator should be removed when parking for long periods of time and when your motorcycle is out of view for an extended period.

A thief's biggest issue is time. The longer a job is going to take, the sooner they will move along to another target. This is where a discrete security solution such as the MotoPumps zumo XT lock helps. However, if someone really wants your zumo, then nothing will deter them, even if it means damaging your bike. The MotoPumps zumo XT security lock is meant to prevent casual theft during a short stop. If you're going to be away from your bike for an extended period of time, for example, overnight or during a day's work, then be sensible and always remove your zumo GPS navigator from the mount and take it with you.