MotoPumps Air Shot 2.1 Compact 12V Tyre Inflator



The MotoPumps Air Shot 2.1 inflator is one of the smallest, lightest, high performance 12v tyre inflators on the market. Powered by your bike’s 12v system, it draws approximately 7.5A and weighs just under 500g. The Air Shot fits easily in the palm of your hand making it convenient to pack along and ready anytime you are. 

The Air Shot 2.1 now features a detachable 600mm hose and the entire kit packs into the provided heavy duty, Cordura zipped case (180mm x 205mm x 50mm) that has room to spare for a tire plugging kit and is compliant enough to fit under many seats. The pump will inflate a completely flat motorcycle tyre in under 5 minutes or top up a low tyre in seconds.

The MotoPumps Air Shot 2.1 inflator includes all the necessary connectors including: SAE, combination 12v Cigarette Lighter / BMW plug, battery clips, battery terminal Rings, 1.8m power cord, and 450mm air hose for ease of use.

The MotoPumps Air Shot 2.1 compact 12V pump is designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA. The carry cases are very high quality and designed to pack easily and protect your MotoPump and are made from 600 denier nylon with a 6mm tricot foam padding bonded inside. The cases are also custom sewn and screened for us in USA.

Every MotoPump Air-Shot 2.1 is backed by our Five-Year Limited Warranty

The MotoPumps Air Shot 2.1 inflator is available with three different air chucks to suit different valve configurations. The 90-degree and screw on air chucks are best suited if your motorcycle has straight Schrader valves. Alternatively, select the straight air chuck if your motorcycle has 90-degree Schrader valves.

Voltage: 12V
Current: 7.5A at Maximum Pressure
Pack Size: 180mm x 205mm x 50mm (7” x 8” x 2”)
Pack Weight: Approx. 550g