Round-A-Mount was released into the US market in 1995 and has become the standard bearer for universal and custom device installations across a huge range of industries and applications. What makes RAM unique is the patented ball and socket design across a wide range of components.

Unlike cheaper copies, genuine RAM products have a rubber coated ball that provides optimum friction and vibration dampening. RAM offers different sized balls to suit different applications. The most common is the B size, 1-inch ball which is also ideal for powersports and motorcycle fitment.

The B size ball will hold up to 0.9kg at the mount. This includes the weight of the arm, cradle and device. Given most phones and GPS devices weigh well under 0.5kg, this makes the B size system the ideal compromise between strength, weight and cost. Increasing the length of the connecting arm moves the weight of the cradle and the device further from the base and an allowance should be made for the reduced weight handling in these scenarios.

There are 5 ball sizes available from RAM Mounts -

  • A size ball 0.56" diameter ball - 14mm
  • B size ball 1" diameter ball - 25mm
  • C size ball 1.5" diameter ball - 38mm
  • D size ball 2.25" diameter ball - 57mm
  • E size ball 3.38" diameter ball - 86mm

The C Size ball components are used in commercial applications such as transport and logistics, health care, agriculture, etc. The D size ball components are ideal for heavy equipment such as mining and construction and the E size ball is generally used in extreme applications.

The weight handling is dictated by the ball size – the larger the ball, the greater the surface area available for clamping and therefore the greater the weight handling at the mounting base.

For guidance only -

  • B size 1" ball mount for units up to 0.9kg weight (approx. 2 lbs)
  • C size 1.5" ball mount for units up to 1.8kg weight (approx. 4 lbs)
  • D size 2.25" ball mount for units up to 2.7kg weight (approx. 6 lbs)
  • E size 3.38" ball mount for units up to 6.8kg weight (approx. 15 lbs)

RAM Mounts bases are made from die cast aluminium or high strength composite. In most cases, the product code will reveal what material the base is made from.

  • RAM- Mount or base of aluminium construction
  • RAP- Mount or base of composite construction
  • RAP-SB- Snap Link mount or base of composite construction with a hard, composite ball
  • RAM-HOL- signify a holder and they are usually of composite construction

Some products such as the RAM-B-224-1U Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount blur this coding. The body of the suction cup is made from composite but the included diamond plate is made from aluminium.

We tend to carry and recommend the aluminium B size bases for use in motorcycle applications. These bases offer higher strength and durability under our harsh climate. We also have a range of composite bases available but we generally list them under bicycle or lower duty applications.

Where a B size component is available in both aluminium and composite from RAM Mounts, we generally carry only the aluminium version. Keep this in mind if you are comparing products.

Our website includes the ability for you to search for a compatible mount by the make and model of your motorcycle or your device model. Please contact us via email or call us on 1300 557 285 if you can’t see you motorcycle or device or you need assistance in building a custom mounting solution.