2 x Garmin Tyre Pressure Monitor Sensor

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2 x Garmin Tyre Pressure Monitor Sensors

Easily Monitor Tyre Pressure
Our Tyre Pressure Monitor Sensor (TPMS) enables you to monitor your motorcycle’s tyre pressure easily and conveniently, as you ride. The system works with up to 4 tyres in any configuration (not intended for car/truck/automotive use). One TPMS sensor is required for each tyre (sold separately; metal valve stems only).

Tyre Pressure Information at a Glance
Fasten 1 TPMS sensor to each metal tyre valve stem, then pair TPMS with your zumo 390, 395, 590 or 595. TPMS uses ANT technology to deliver pressure data wirelessly to your zumo 390. View the real-time data right on your zumo display.

TPMS lets you set custom pressure thresholds. If tyre pressure changes, TPMS issues an alert. TPMS also enables you to monitor tyre pressure trends over time. With TPMS, it’s possible to detect a slow leak before it becomes a bigger problem.

Small and Smart
TPMS is the smallest motorcycle tyre pressure sensor on the market. Each TPMS sensor is powered by a single, replaceable battery that may last up to 18 months, depending on individual use. To preserve battery life, TPMS rests in low-power mode, then “wakes up” when movement is detected.

Please note, this is for two (2) Tyre Pressure Monitor Sensors. We also have the single TPMS available here.

Compatible with the following Garmin motorcycle GPS devices –
• zumo 390
• zumo 395
• zumo 396 LMT-S
• zumo 590
• zumo 595

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