TomTom Rider 450 Motorcycle GPS Navigator Worldwide Maps

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Discover your next adventure
• Offline routes and stops
• Lifetime World Maps
• Lifetime TomTom Traffic
• Ride challenge level
• Bluetooth hands-free calling and route sharing
• Smart screen sensitivity for gloves
• Lifetime Speed Camera alerts

Winding Roads
Find the most exciting winding roads and avoid the boring straights. Select how challenging you want the route to be and our motorcycle sat nav will find the best road for you. You can select three levels of windiness: low, mid and high. The TomTom Rider will help you find adrenaline-filled rides tailor-made for you.

Hilly Roads
Stay at sea level or get climbing. Easily pick the amount of climbs and descents on your ride so you can stay within your own comfort zone. Choose between three levels of hilliness: low, mid or high. Now it’s up to you to get climbing. How high do you dare?

Roundtrip Planning
Let your TomTom Rider automatically discover a different return route from your journey out. Simply select the destination then the TomTom Rider will make sure the journey out is different to the return so you can enjoy riding new routes.

Smart screen
This glove-friendly touch screen offers new levels of sensitivity. The smart screen on the Rider 450 can be toggled between light and heavy glove modes to suit you and the kit you're wearing. Even in the rain this screen will be better at responding to touch quickly and accurately, letting you focus on the ride.

Routes and stops
Get on the road with the world's best curated routes pre-loaded on your motorbike sat nav. These are coupled with lifetime world maps, live traffic and speed camera alerts all to leave you focused on the road ahead. Want to make a stop? Tap the screen to find nearby hotels, restaurants and more. You've got the tech you need for adventure, do you have what it takes to go explore?

Lifetime World Maps
Pick your next touring adventure, anywhere you dare explore. Whether you are heading north or south, you can install and update maps from around the world at no extra cost, for the lifetime of your motorbike sat nav. With the latest maps you always get the best riding experience. Just update your TomTom Rider via your computer. 1

Black spot and jam tail warnings
Thanks to accident black spot and jam tail warnings you’ll know when to ride cautiously. Avoid sudden braking and riding too fast on risky roads by staying informed, so you can ride with peace of mind.

MyDrive route planning
Use MyDrive online to create your own thrilling trips and sync them instantaneously to your device. Or easily upload routes you've found online to your TomTom Rider. With plenty of pre-planned thrilling rides available online your Rider is the perfect gateway to discovery.

Bluetooth® File Sharing
Share your route via Bluetooth® with other bikers before you head out, or while you are on the way so you can keep everyone on track. Your routes can be transfered in GPX format via Bluetooth®.

Hands-free Calling
Make and accept calls with your smartphone in your pocket. The TomTom Rider motorbike sat nav connects via Bluetooth® to your phone, so you can call hands- free while riding your motorcycle.

Weather-proof build
The rugged design of the TomTom Rider makes it IPX7 weather-proof and drop-proof, ready for riding in all conditions. Even when wet, the touchscreen sensitivity remains accurate for constant control no matter the weather conditions.

Portrait View
Simply rotate to portrait view to see more of the bends ahead, so you can prepare for your next turn. The innovative rotating mount of this motorcycle sat nav allows an easy switch between landscape and portrait view. Then you can quickly see more map depth for what's to come.

Key Features
• Winding Roads - Find the most exciting winding roads and avoid the boring straights.
• Hilly Roads - Stay at sea level or climb to the highest peaks.
• Round-Trip Planning - Discover new routes by simply tapping the area you want to explore.
• Portrait View - Simply rotate to portrait view to see more of the bends ahead.
• Glove Friendly - Use your TomTom Rider even while wearing gloves.
• Audio Instructions via Bluetooth - Keep your eyes on the road with instructions through your headset.
• Weather-Proof Design - As weather-ready as you are.
• Route Share - Share your adventures with other bikers. Share the Excitement with Friends
• PC Route Planning - Pre-plan a tour before leaving home.
• Route Support - Upload routes (GPX format) and your TomTom Rider will show you the way.
• Trip Recording - Record your trip and relive the excitement any time.
• My Routes - Store and access your favourite routes on your device.
• Built for Bikers - Sunlight Visibility Make use of different colour options for different times of day.
• Trip Statistics - See how far, how fast and for how long you have ridden.
• Fully Interactive - Screen Pinch, zoom and swipe to interact with the map.
• Points of Interest - Always find the best Points of Interest for bikers.

In The Box
• TomTom Rider 450 GPS
• Rotating Bike Dock and Charging Cable
• Secure Universal RAM Mount Hardware
• USB Cable for PC Connection & Charging
• Documentation

TomTom Free Map Updates - Maps updated 4 times per year.
Always ride with the latest map. Get to your destination faster with FREE Lifetime Maps. For the life of your Rider, you can download 4 or more full updates of the map on your device every year (preloaded Australia & New Zealand maps only). You receive all updates to the road network, addresses and Points of Interest.

The Rider also comes preloaded with Points of Interest relevant to riders. From the nearest pit stop to the most outstanding vista, the most affordable motel to the juiciest burger. Got your own big ideas? Add to the community by sharing your POIs.

The Rider 400 also comes with Lifetime speed cameras and traffic data (for Australia & New Zealand only). Get alerts for speed cameras to ride safer and avoid unnecessary fines, and route around any traffic conditions that may be on your route.

Manage itineraries & plan a thrilling adventure.
Winding Route allows you to choose the route with the most curves, so that you can avoid the boring straights. Feel the twists, the turns, and the adrenaline of the road beneath your bike.

Hilly Roads allows you to stay at sea level or climb to the highest peaks. Gain inspiration from riders in the know, with Upload Routes and Go. With it, you can find inspiration from other riders online, upload their routes to your TomTom RIDER and customise them. Best of all, you can use more than 10,000 route points.

Use Tyre® PC Software to search, create and edit routes on your PC before you upload them to your device. Share your designs with others in map form, or wait until you meet and share them directly from your TomTom RIDER.

In Itineraries, you can save all your favourite tours and memories. Or you can use it to plan a new route with waypoints.
Capture your route from beginning to end, with every spontaneous detour and waypoint in between. Trip Recording ensures you can always find your way back to your new favourite roads and share them with your friends.

Waterproof, Glove Friendly, and a Complete RAM Mount Solution
Everything you need, right in the box. The Rider 400 is waterproof to IPX7 standards, so will work in any weather conditions. Audio instructions are transmitted via bluetooth to your compatible bluetooth headset, so you don't need to take your eyes off the road. You can also see and accept incoming calls while you ride.

A complete universal RAM Mount is included in the box, which is suitable for almost any bike. Talk to us about custom solutions to suit your bike. Use your smartphone, tablet or PC to review real-time traffic information, plan routes, and send destinations to your TomTom Rider.

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